Boys Moving On Bilingual Education

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7.28 Billion people live in the world. An average of 30 Million people don't have an education. You begin to wonder, is this our system failing or is it us ? Many people don't even get the opportunity to attend school nevertheless get to finish it. According to the recent launch of First Lady, Michelle Obama ‘Let Girls Learn’ program, she uncovered the various reasons on why many students don't get an education; In this case it was based more upon girls but the same idea is with the boys. Mrs.Obama and her team exposed that most students get discriminated on going to school off the child like factors such as their gender, race, financial status and their religion. Education is a powerful tool and an asset in today’s fast moving society. Boys …show more content…

Having this as an issue, the government decided to act on it and create the ‘No Child Left Behind Act’. This allowed those students who did not speak standard American English to have a three-year window, in which those students can take the assessment in their native language for the sole purpose of not falling behind their other peers, this is a way the United States ensured that all students were getting an equal opportunity to learn and grow. Having this act passes through congress allowed many students to not be discriminated because of the language they spoke. It allowed those students to continue to learn and not fall behind their other peers by allowing them to test in their primary language, while at the same time learning the standard American English. At least this is what our government wanted us to believe. According to “History of bilingual Education” it takes the average student four to five years to learn a new language and become fluent in it. The government only gives students a three-year window and after that window they have to take all their coursework and test in English. Having this amount of pressure on young kids can potentially cause them to break their academic journey; All because of the pressure of them having to learn another language in order to be socially acceptable in the American school system. In the book, Reading the world: Ideas that matter, it talked about the life of Frederick Douglass and his journey into reading and writing. As a former slave, it was against the law for him to learn how to read and write. Out of the injustice that one of his masters saw in our government, she took it upon herself to teach him the American Alphabet. Out of the pressure that Mrs. Auld felt from her husband, she had to stop teaching him. This was only the being for Frederick, he continues to learn

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