Education was Never My Strong Suit

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As a young student growing up, literacy and numeracy were never my strongest areas of learning. The memories of my teachers asking us to divide into reading groups for reading comprehension, or pull out our maths homework were always daunting for me and I remember a time where my teacher made me stay during lunch to complete my maths class work. However as a young student I have always enjoyed spelling and although my literacy and numeracy skills weren’t the greatest I felt more confident that my language skills were a lot better than both my literacy and numeracy skills. Looking back as I progressed through my schooling career, my literacy skills begun to improve, however numeracy would still remain the subject I disliked the most. In comparison to my peers, who were all just about my age, I felt as if I was under achieving in those specific areas of learning, and despite the countless attempts and efforts by my peers, teachers, tutors and parents who all encouraged me, I felt as if I could not reach that point. In relation to week 2 lecture readings (Catherine , Snow (2002) Reading for understanding: toward a research and development program in reading comprehension. CA/USA: RAND) the students attentiveness towards reading comprehension, is influenced and affected by many factors including

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