Edvard Grieg Research Paper

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Edvard Grieg: Norway’s National Composer

There is a TV show called Outlander, based on a novel of the same name that is about the Scottish Jacobite uprising of 1745. The uprising was orchestrated by Charles Edward Stuart, Pretender to the throne of Great Britain. However, at the disastrous battle of Culloden in 1746, Stuart and his Jacobites were defeated. The result of the failed uprising brought harsh sanctions against the Scottish, including a ban on wearing traditional Highland kilts. This oppression led to many Scots leaving their home in search for a better life. One of these immigrants was a merchant named Alexander Greig, who settled in Norway, purportedly because of its many similarities to his native Scotland. Alexander, who changed his last name to Grieg, so that it would be correctly pronounced in Norwegian, …show more content…

One day he was preparing to leave on a tour of England, when his doctor told him to go to the hospital. He died the next day, the fourth of September, 1907, in Bergen, the town of his birth. His last words were to his beloved Nina, “well, if it must be so.” His ashes were scattered in a grotto in Troldhaugen, overlooking the wild fjords of the land he loved (Kildahl; Malherbe). Edvard Grieg has been primarily remembered as first a Norwegian, and then a Romantic composer. Those titles are sometimes used to explain, or excuse his music. He has also been accused of being derivative, both of classical music and traditional Norwegian folk music. However, I believe that Edvard Grieg was one of the most important composers of the nineteenth century. While it is true that he stood on the shoulders of giants, and frost giants, his marriage of his country’s music to the piano and the orchestra is truly unique, and shows his incontrovertible

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