Edward Mills And George Benton Analysis

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Writing several American classics like Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain remains of the most well-known writers in American history. Although best known for these American classics, Twain also wrote several poems and short stories. One of these short stories; Edward Mills and George Benton: A Tale, revolves around two characters and a glimpse into their opposing lives as adoptive brothers in the short 4 pages (Twain). When looking at Mark Twain’s life you can begin to notice some crazy surprises about his past. First of all, Samuel L. Clemens is his real name, Mark Twain just acts as his pen name (“Mark Twain”). When reading through Edward Mills and George Benton: A Tale readers can begin to establish connections with Mark Twain’s personal life through the characters if they have some previous background knowledge.
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Twain, a diligent and hard-working man, as his several jobs and employers can attest to worked very hard during his lifetime. The first paragraph of the story addresses that the adoptive brothers grew up under the saying “‘Be pure, honest, sober, industrious, considerate, and success in life is assured’” (Twain). This saying, more than likely stems from values that Twain attempted to follow in his daily life. Edward Mills, a hard working man all of his life, found himself penniless (Twain), similarly to how Twain did during his late twenties (“Mark Twain”). His several experiences working with newspaper companies can also be reflected in this short story. After Edward Mill’s death newspaper’s played an important aspect in helping spread the word to financially sustain the Edwards family (Twain). Similarly, how the newspaper companies helped financially support Edward’s family in this story, so did Twain’s occupations through newspaper companies after his father’s death (“Mark

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