Edward Snowden and Wikileaks

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Since the beginning of modern technology people have worried about being looked upon or spied on without their knowing. Even before the internet was invented some people worried about their phone calls being recorded or listened in on without their knowledge. In 1997 when the internet was common in most households this made this idea of people being spied on much easier and on a wider scale. The first proven threat of internet surveillance was in 2001 when the NSA(National Security Agency) did a Large scale “warrantless surveillance”(Risen ‘Bush Lets U.S Spy’) of internet traffic and data streams. This surveillance program was a way to gather data and prevent terrorist attacks. However some speculated that this was not just to monitor the activities of suspected terrorists. In 2013 when Edward Snowden released data that proved that the NSA was using their surveillance on everyone it turned speculation into fact and fears of this were brought to the surface.

In the summer of 2013 one of the biggest leaks of classified documents was carried out by a man named Edward Snowden (E. McAskill) . Edward Snowden worked as an sysamin (System Administrator) for a security company that did contract work for the NSA. During his time working at this company he released an estimated two hundred thousand classified documents. Within these documents was evidence that the United States was performing a large scale surveillance operation of its people (B. Denson). It is estimated that

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