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  • The World Wide Web

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    The World Wide Web, propelled by various social media programs like Twitter, FaceBook and Instagram, has become a double-edged sword in the era of Web 2.0. This double-edged sword can be symbolized by SENDERS of information, and RECEIVERS of information. In its early days, the primary use of the WWW was searching for information, on static ‘pages’, to fulfill a particular need or request. Maps, phone numbers, product information, and the like, were available to anyone who searched for it. The

  • The World Wide Web

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    other devices across the world. The English computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989, after 20 years the first connection was established over what is today as we known as the Internet. Although the internet has been around since the 1970, but it was the invention of the World Wide Web that really changed people’s life. There is a early film which the scenario designed based on web, many previous case exist for the idea that the real world is an illusion, and the Matrixtrilogy

  • A Web Website On The World Wide Web

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    URL remains for Uniform Resource Locator, and is utilized to indicate addresses on the World Wide Web. A URL is the essential system ID for any asset associated with the web (e.g., hypertext pages, images, and sound files). URLs have the following format: protocol://hostname/other_information. URL is the global address of document and other resources on the World Wide Web. URL normally declared by sounding out every letter however, in a few quarters, affirmed "Earl" - is the one of a kind location

  • What is the World Wide Web?

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    Introduction. The World Wide Web (WWW) also known as the Internet is a system of servers specifically for the Internet to support specially created documents. These documents are created also specifically for the internet in a mark-up language called HTML also know as Hyper Text Mark-up Language that supports links to other documents, graphics and audio/video files. This means you can go from one document to another by clicking on the links in the documents which with the World Wide Web they can be anywhere

  • The Invention Of The World Wide Web

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    Ever since the creation of the World Wide Web by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989, there have been many questions that have arisen about the invention and the effects of it. From people trying to figure out how to use it and connect it from one place to another, to wondering if it were safe, there have always and will continue to be questions about the great creation. As time has passed and the web has gotten more sophisticated, more questions are constantly brought up wondering how safe the internet is for

  • The Internet And The World Wide Web

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    All spheres of media are being represented on the world wide web. Some of the relations are being mirrored from those present in real life, but the internet was never the same. As with real life, not everyone on the internet is equal and there are numerous differences between the users of this medium of mass communication. Even though the inequalities are still present on the internet, they are subtler than those existing within the offline world. Almost everyone has access, but how we benefit from

  • Definition Of The World Wide Web

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    created of tiny computer systems. 2. What is the definition of the World Wide Web? The definition of the World Wide Web is a network that people operate by entering the internet. 3. Is there a single Search Engine (like Google or Bing) that indexes the entire World Wide Web? No, there is not a single Search Engine that indexes the entire World Wide Web. 4. Directories are another type of index to the World Wide Web. What makes them different from search engines? What makes

  • Censorship Of The World Wide Web

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    We live in the age of information, a world that has now been largely digitalized. The World Wide Web is the central component of our era, as it allows people across the globe to share and receive information in an instance. It used to take months before a letter from China could reach the U.S, now it just takes a second with E-Mail. This fast pace information processing has allowed human society to move forward with unprecedented speed, but it also raises many concerns for government authorities

  • Essay on The World Wide Web

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    The World Wide Web Communication--it is a fundamental part of our everyday lives. It characterizes who we are, what we do, and how we relate to others in society. It is a very powerful tool that holds many different uses for our basic needs and survival. At a very simplistic level, it is key in attaining our very basic needs for survival. In that respect, it is key in achieving all needs in Maslows hierarchy. Its uses and possibilities endless. Over time, the discoveries that have been

  • Decline Of The World Wide Web

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    Decline of the World Wide Web Hossein Derakhshan article, “A Blogfather 's Lament for the Web” spoke about his concerns of the decline of the web. Writing this article, he directed his concerns for Facebook users in 2014. The article appeared to be about his past journaling experience in Iran which lead him to discover blogging, while keeping connected with his readers from his daily column within the Iranian paper. However, when Derakhshan went to prison because of his internet activities and