Effect Of Fertilizer On Plant Growth

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The Effect of Fertilizer on Plant’s Growth

Plants need food to grow like human beings. Fertilizers can provide plant’s nutrients that may be lacking in the soil. How does the amount of fertilizer effect the growth of the plant? Plants are important in our life. Plants give us food, regulate the water cycle, and provide us oxygen. Plants make up the habitat, and contribute to the climate. Our everyday life depends on plants. Life could not exist without plants. It is very important plants grow and develop properly. Lack of water, nutrients in the soil, and natural disasters may contribute to the delay or reduction of the plant growth. If a plant does not get the right amount of nutrients from the root then the plant will not yield fruits, crops, and flowers. Plants need the right amount of fertilizer to grow and develop. Usage of too much fertilizer can harm plants. Plant can suffer from dehydration and eventually die. The correct amount of fertilizer is essential for the plant to grow healthy. If watering the plant with too little or too much fertilizer, then plant’s growth will slow down, because under fertilizer will cause the lack of nutrients in the soil and over fertilizer will increase the salt amount of soil which eventually slow down the growth of the plant.
The Department of Crop Production at Kwara State University in Nigeria conducted an experiment on the growth of a plant called “Amaranthus Caudatus” in the savanna zone of Nigeria on November 20, 2014. This

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