Effects Of Alcohol On Family Relationships

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This paper explains the effects alcohol can have on relationships and individuals, whether that is relating to physical or mental health. Marital and family relationships are significant types of bonds that can be destroyed by the mental illness of alcoholism. Abuse and detachment are two of the most common factors that can result from the way alcohol weakens relationships.

Drinking can mend the mental health of an alcoholic in many harmful ways. Depression and anxiety can be the cause as well as the effect of alcoholism. Maternal drinking is a major issue that can harm the fetus and cause the baby to be born with birth defects and facial abnormalities.

The physical health of the drinker is greatly affected and is weakened every time …show more content…

Not only does it have a harmful effect on relationships, but also the health and mental state of the individual and those who are around them, such as friends and family. Alcohol has an endless amount of cynical effects on the human body that are extremely unhealthy and deadly. Due to the fact that alcohol has many negative effects resulting in the popular epidemic of alcoholism, the United States Government should educate parents and adults on this mental illness/addiction to help prevent further consequences.

Marital Relationships

Trust, security, and happiness are a few aspects that make up a healthy and valued marriage. When alcohol is mishandled, it can result in hardships and get in the way of you and your partner’s relationship, causing these characteristics to be at the lowest of their potential. According to Drug Addiction Statistics (2016), studies show that women are more likely to experience problems relating to alcohol such as abusive relationships and depression. In most marriage scenarios, or the most common thought of, men, compared to women, are more likely to become the heavy drinkers in the relationship. This can lead to abuse and mistreatment towards the wife and even the kids if there are any involved. Alcohol can lead a person to be extremely destructive which is significantly dangerous, especially when you have a family and kids involved.When a person is under the influence of alcohol, the mental state of the individual is

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