Effects Of Caffeine On College Students Essay

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Just like how modern technology is embed into the lives of students, caffeine also have become a necessity in student’s daily life as well. The workload of a college student can be overwhelming and it drive students to rely on caffeine. When they rely on caffeine for their body to function, they overlook an important aspect of their health conditions which is getting enough sleep. Losing sleep can make a big impact on a student’s ability to critically think, reason, and judge. Although, caffeine is consider a solution to any student’s struggle to overcome their fatigue. The beneficial aspect of caffeine can offer students to be at their optimal performance in their daily task. Caffeine, like a double edge sword, it can either help students accomplish their task or aid them in losing their sleep. UW-Madison have multiples coffee shop creating an encouraging environment for the student to conveniently obtain coffee. Individual coffee house such as Starbucks, Colectivo, CoffeeBytes and more, usually around the capital and State Street. Including the coffee shops inside university buildings and dining hall, there are multiple ways of getting coffee. It is beautifully designed to target students, whether they are in a rush to class or not. The temptation of coffee can be irresistible due to the intoxicating smell of coffee and the desire for energy. I went to Starbucks on State Street and found myself waiting in a long line of customers. Due to the long line, I decided to

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