Effects Of Childhood Sexual Abuse On Children

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Direct and Indirect Impacts The impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse is dependent in many ways depending on the type of and severity of the abuse. Some of these factors include: age of child when abuse first occurred, how long the abuse lasted, developmental stage of the child, relationship of the abuse to the child, whether forces was used to ensure the child’s participation, degree of shame or guilt experienced by the child, reaction of the child parent(s) and other professionals and other professionals if and when the child reveals the abuse or it is discovered by another person. Even though children may have displayed negative behaviors and attitudes. According to several studies, they are not clear on whether those behaviors existed before the abuse or if they are effects of the abuse. Some professionals believe that it is difficult to generalize the effects of sexual abuse on children. E. Hollenberg and C. Ragan stated that “the effects of child sexual abuse are characterized by great variation and range from short-term to those that endure throughout adulthood” (Hollenberg & Ragan, 1991, p.179). Something else to note is that children who experience child maltreatment and/or other trauma between the ages of two and four, are at a higher risk of developing things such as memory problems, difficulty regulating emotions, and problems integrating sensory experiences (Hutchison, 2015). According to a certain professional, he divides the effects of child sexual abuse into

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