Effects Of Divorce On Children 's Socio Economic Success Essay

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Ora Fudge
English 1302.41430
Prof. Savage
4 Dec. 2016

Effects of Divorce on Children 's Socio-Economic Success The family is the lowest unit within the social structure. Basically, a family consists of a couple and their children. Socially, a “full” family unit is respected while “one” units are stigmatized. In the past decade, an extensive literature has been developed in relation to the interplay between family structure, family change and child outcomes. In the developed world, marriage is no longer a priority particularly to the younger generation. There is a dimension of literature that claims that children raised by lone parents generally perform relatively poorer than those brought up in two-parent set ups (Jeffrey 102-103). Divorce should be viewed as a series of events and not as a single event. It involves a confluence of factors and processes that occur during and after the divorce. This essay asserts that divorce has negative effects on Children 's Socio-economic success. Divorce affects education in quantifiable terms. Education influences a child’s economic status through multiple fronts. The first dimension is access to the job market and occupation. Good education or schooling is associated with higher pay which in turn translates to better lifestyles and quality of life (Jeffrey 67-68). Studies indicate that divorce and low educational performance are positively correlated. A study conducted by Potter established that students’ in divorced families

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