Effects Of Exponential Population Growth

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1) What is exponential population growth? I found this a bit confusing the more I researched it. My understanding of Exponential is when something grows at a rate that doubles – 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, etc. However, it has a little different context when applied to population. The explanation I found that seems the clearest is as a population's per capita (individual) growth rate stays the same regardless of population size, the population grows faster and faster as it gets larger (Khan, 2017). 2) Is the global population growing exponentially and why? This answer (to me) can be yes and no. According to Roser and Ortiz-Ospina (2017), actual growth is declining, but the population is rising. In the 20th century, the world’s population quadrupled; but will not double in the 21st. The fastest doubling period was 1950-1987 (37 years) when the population grew from 2.5 billion to 5 billion. Since 1962 when the growth rate was 2.1%, the growth rate has slowed along with the doubling rate. It is also estimated that the world’s population will reach 11 billion by 2088, but will have taken nearly 100 years to get there. As resources begin to taper off, so will growth – this is known as Logistic Growth. I do not believe we are there yet, however, we are heading there. I do not know if this is an indicator or not, but Japan is experiencing a population shift where the elderly outnumber the younger and is expected to increase in the coming decades and the population is shrinking
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