Effects Of Gambling On Youth And Academic Responsibilities

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A current health issue in Australia particularly in Ballarat, Victoria, is gambling. Gambling harms communities and its members through relationship breakdowns that can lead to domestic violence. Furthermore, the effects of gambling can impact workplaces and academic responsibilities because of poor performance, job loss, and absenteeism. Gambling leads to financial burdens including accumulating debts and asset losses that can result in unpaid debts and unable to pay for basic needs such as groceries and utility bills. This can lead to actions such as theft, imprisonment, and bankruptcy or divorce proceedings, causing further impacts on communities and on the public purse, for instance, charities and human services agencies that work with individuals and families to assist in health and wellbeing issues caused by gambling. This essay will examine the physical, mental and social wellbeing of problem gambling effects and social determinants that influence gambling. Furthermore, this essay will discuss challenges experienced by communities, views of the community, as well as planning and management issues linked to gambling. While gambling is not traditionally a disease like human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), heart disease or Alzheimer’s disease, it, however, does cause health issues that impact communities just the same. Pokie machines have become a form of entertainment in most Australian communities and according to Victorian data from The Pokies Play You (2016) website,…
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