Effects Of Gentrification On Urban Areas

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Issue Paper #1 The Effect of Gentrification on Urban Areas Neiel Edmonds October 6, 2015 American Government University of the District of Columbia Neiel Edmonds October 6, 2015 American Government Dr. Hunt Gentrification: Urban Areas All over the globe today, urban areas are vulnerable to the growing impact of gentrification. Reason being is because, as the cost of living rises in many urban areas unlike never before, then those urban areas are needed to be diversified. It can also be looked at as a housing, economic, and health issue that has a great effect on an area’s history, culture and can ultimately reduce social capital. The only way for gentrification to emerge is if it is under the impact of various factors. Factors include social, economic, and the process of globalization, these all bring forth consistent changes in urban development. If an urban area is noticeably changed because of gentrification methods then policy makers are forced to either speed up and slow down the process. Gentrification what is it? By definition Gentrification is “the buying and renovating of houses and stores in deteriorated urban neighborhoods by wealthier individuals.” By this happening it improves property values but can also displace low-income families and small businesses. It is commonly used in areas where there are more opportunity than normal and it mostly occurs in districts that have qualities that make them desirable for a change. For

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