Effects Of Greed And Money In The Great Gatsby

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The Effects of Greed and Money In The Great Gatsby Many people are extremely obsessed with how others perceive them, and will go to a large extent to show off to others to be well liked. This is very true for many of the characters in the novel The Great Gatsby, specifically one of the main characters, Jay Gatsby. A key detail about Gatsby is his obsession with his wealth. The character Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald cares about his money and reputation above all else. Jay shows this through many irrational actions throughout the novel. For example, the elaborate parties he throws weekly, the way he shows off his lavish lifestyle with his possessions, and his materialistic ways he uses his wealth to win Daisy Buchanan’s love.
The first way Gatsby shows that he cares about his reputation is through his parties he throws. Every weekend, Gatsby throws a huge party and invites many people. His parties are typically very extravagant and high end, and he spends a fair amount of time preparing for them. “Nick is eventually invited to a party at Gatsby’s mansion and he attends… He is surprised by how crowded it is” (Weisbrod 98). One thing that especially stood out to Nick was the massive amount of people attending the party along with him. This shows that Gatsby’s mansion is typically filled with people when he is throwing parties. Nick is not only shocked at the amount of people at the party, he also is surprised that he was invited in the first place,

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