Effects Of Mfecane

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Was it only a political change?

Mfecane! Some refer it as the political and economic change that took place throughout the various chiefdoms in southern Africa. Zulus however referred it to the ‘crushing’, that affected things negatively from the 1750’s to 1835 in the different chiefdoms. Drought, limited land, and lack of resources. Would it be considered as the factors in which the Mfecane had taken place? And affected the various chiefdoms? The Zulus, the Ndwandwe ,and the Mthethwa, The wide spread of the Mfecane did not only have an impact on the social structure of these kingdoms, but also had an influence on how the numerous chiefs developed their kingdoms.
Throughout the years various chiefdoms were constantly expanding, and many factors around them had taken place.
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Once many people had left the armies from their chiefdoms, this further caused destruction in the area. When the communities had split many people had fled into the south as well as in Pondoland. But this stay was not for long, until the people who settled there had become disruptive. The Mfecane had also spread all the way to the Transvaal, Orange Free State, and Natal. Loads of people were displaced and frightened and would flee to these areas due to the spread of the Mfecane and perhaps more wars breaking out. And how the causes of the Mfecane had affected and weakened the chiefdoms.
The Mfecane had spread thus far, which involved the various factors. The political change spread further and dominated southern Africa. These changes had taken place in the different chiefdoms, if more people were to leave one community and flee to the next. That would increase the population with in the kingdom. Therefore it becomes difficult to provide for more people. And when this community is no longer satisfied they flee to the next which evolves into a cycle and soon affects the rest of the
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