Effects Of Music Therapy On Autism

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Music is an aspect of our day-to-day lives. We listen to it either on the radio while getting ready for work, through the iPod while working out, at the restaurant or at a weekend party. It has the power to evoke different emotions, whether sad or happy, depending on the type that we listen to.

Music therapy is a healing tool used by professional therapists to treat emotional, social or physical conditions. It involves assessment of the individual's situation by observing their response on different musical aspects. When the therapist identifies the individual's needs, they set goals based on their assessment. Therapeutic techniques are then applied where the participant may listen to music, sing along, play a musical instrument or even compose songs.

Music therapy sessions can be held either individually or in groups. This could be in the hospital, at home, at a quiet …show more content…

Autism is a neurological disorder that affects a person's communication and social interaction. Studies show that children and adults with autism have a good response to music. This leads to better engagement and expression during therapy sessions, which builds up on their social skills.

Impaired Motor Skills
This is a childhood problem that involves challenges in processing information that directs activities such as holding objects, body movements, and coordination. Musical activities like playing the piano or a drum create rhythms that aid in gradual body coordination. Songs with easy melodies can also help foster sharper memories for better learning ability in children.

Heart Disorder
Studies show that music has an effect on the heart rate and blood pressure. Patients in hospital beds who listen to calm music over time have a better heart response than those in silence. The music lowers levels of stress and anxiety which reduces both the heart rate and blood pressure


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