Effects Of Obesity And The Media

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Over the decades the paradigm or trend of young people increasing in body weight has changed. Obesity can be contributed to many different factors. With this new world of technology and social media there is still the prominent issue of obesity, although technology and the media is not all to blame. This arising issue can have derived by many different aspects, such as a person’s socioeconomic status, ethnicity, culture, and not getting the right amount of physical activity. These aspects definitively lead to obesity and ultimately the negative feedback and oppression and discrimination from society. Society has been preoccupied about how people look for decades. While a society we are becoming heavier, our preferences about body image …show more content…

Because of the rising growth of fast food restaurants these restaurants would most likely, “2.5 times more likely to be located in areas
where people from the poorest SES category lived as compared to where people in the wealthiest category lived” (Raine, K. D.,2004). There is also the element of transportation, lower-income families may not be able to afford or have availability to have access to transportation. Income has a lot of control over a person’s weight gain and obesity, “low income levels produce stress, which may lead some people to store more body fat as insurance against difficult times in the future, and others to seek solace from their troubles through the comfort of eating” (Sobal, J. (n.d.). Social and Cultural Influences on Obesity. International Textbook of Obesity para, 44). Income can also influence a young person’s resources when it comes to their diet and physical activity, for instance, “having adequate income allows someone to focus on other aspects foods than cost, such as health and caloric value. People who experience hunger or food insecurity may overeat when food is available, which leads lower income groups in some societies to be more likely to be obese” (Sobal, J. (n.d.). Social and Cultural Influences on Obesity. International Textbook of Obesity para, 45). With the growing economy, the unaffordable prices and plus a low-income can limit a young person’s choice of food, this can also attribute to negative dietary lifestyle. These

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