Effects Of Obesity On Obesity And Obesity

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As aforementioned, many people believe that obesity is caused by just overconsumption of fatty foods, but there is more to it. Definitely overconsumption of fats is a major factor and recipe to obesity, but also calorie intake and amount of exercise has a lot to do with becoming overweight. If a person’s diet includes a greater amount of calorie than the amount of daily exercise, then that excess calorie will be stored as fat. It is not necessary to take in more calories than what the body usually uses up after daily exercise because this will disrupt the balance and cause an unhealthy imbalance with food proportions thus, leading to weight gain. It is best when children are involved in physical activities while they are young because it …show more content…

Also, not having good programs that bring local fruits and vegetables to schools, businesses, and communities may determine the quantity of obese people living in that community or environment” (CDC, 2012). Not having communities set up to facilitate and encourage exercise and healthy living may lead to this prevailing disease called obesity. In some disorders, genetics can be a direct cause of obesity. On the other hand, genetics is one factor that may increases the likelihood of the disease. Studies have proven that genes have a great deal to do with obese persons. Treuth (2003) states that “Obesity tends to regularly follow children who have obese parents, however parents with regular body weight can still have obese children” (p. 1212-1218). Genetics can cause obesity, but it is not a major recorded factor of obesity. It is easy for one to say that, “obesity runs in my family,” but according to (CDC, 2012) what is happening is “although obesity is greatly determined by genetics, and a population’s genetic structure does not change overnight. Hence, an increase in . . .[obesity] will have to show drastic changes of non-genetic determinants.” Results If a person is affected by obesity, it is not the end of the world. It can be combated, not only with vaccines, but also with a positive mindset and the right attitude to get the body healthy and in functional condition. There are many different measures that

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