Effects Of Radiation Safety On The Health Risk Dealing With Radiation

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Radiation Safety

By Sean Trosper
In requirements for
AVIA 5103
Aviation Safety Program Development
Michelle Crom, M.S. Table of Contents
1. Abstract
2. Discovery of Radiation
3. Health Effects of Radiation
4. Fukushima
5. Radiation Sources
6. Aircrew Radiation Exposure
7. Natural Ways to Reduce Radiation in Your Body
8. Conclusion

This paper goes over radiation safety precautions and all the health risk dealing with radiation. I will discuss the discovery of radiation, non-iodizing and iodizing radiation, natural exposure to radiation, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma radiation and how they affect us. Also the paper will be going over radiation from human activities: underground miners, radiologists, medical technologists, nuclear plant operators, research scientists and pilots. Different events that have released massive amounts of radiation will also be discussed such as Fukushima power plant. Overall after reading this paper I hope you will get a better idea of the dangers, effects and precautions involved with radiation. Discovery of Radiation
In 1896 Henri Becquerel was using naturally fluorescent minerals to study the properties of x-rays, which had been discovered in 1895 by Wilhelm Roentgen. He exposed potassium uranyl sulfate to sunlight and then placed it on photographic plates wrapped in black paper, believing that the uranium absorbed the sun’s energy and then emitted it as x-rays. This hypothesis was disproved on the 26th-27th of…
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