Effects Of Rap Music In Africa

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Rap Was Never the Solution Using rap music produced by African Americans in the United States and rap music produced by the youth in Senegal as case studies, rap music at best, contributed no tangible positive effects on the public’s impression of the African American community in the United States. In contrast, rap music did revolutionize Senegal’s public awareness of its youth and helped demonstrate their essential role in Senegal. Socioeconomically, rap also did not improve the standing of African Americans. Likewise in Senegal, it did not bolster the socioeconomics of the youth. Rap in the United States emerged from the South Bronx during the late 1970s. During its emergence, New York was in shambles. According to Alec “Over 500,000 manufacturing jobs were lost between 1969 to 1974” and by 1975 1 million households were dependent on the government. The murder rate went up by 40% in just one year. Rape and burglary cases tripled while felony assault doubled (Alec). Consequently, the African American community in the South Bronx was not immune to any of these blows; in fact, they were hit the hardest. While the community was facing the above problems, it was also battling a fire epidemic. In the 1970s the South Bronx experienced urban decay and, the telltale signs of poverty and white flight were prominent features, which resulted in a lot of apartment buildings been vacant. These vacant buildings attracted drug and criminal activities, and other social destabilizers. And

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