Effects Of School Segregation On Schools

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Prior research on the causes and impact of school segregation has focused primarily on three areas: First, research documented the causes of segregation (Dorsey, 2015; Orfield, 2001). This body of research connects school districting, and the affordability of residential housing to the creation of segregated White and segregated Minority public schools districts. Second, research focused on the impact of segregation on student academic performance (Card, D. & Rothstein, J., 2005). This research has identified an achievement gap between segregated White and segregated Minority public school students. This research connects the racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic composition of public schools with school performance indicators such as student performance on standardized assessments, graduation rates, dropout rates, and the percentage of students going to two and four year colleges after graduating. Third, research examined the efficacy of efforts to reduce racial isolation through choice-based programming (McDermott, K., Bruno, G., & Varghese, A., 2002). This research found that choice-based programming has had a marginal impact on the creation of integrated schools. Collectively, this research suggest that: (1) Housing patterns and school district residency requirements have created large numbers of public schools that are racially, ethnically, and socioeconomically segregated, (2) Efforts to eliminate segregation through choice-based programming have been marginally…
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