Effects Of Slim Body Mania

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? In my opinion, it is a good essay it discusses the widespread phenomenon it's "the globalization of eating disorders". This essay includes talk about slim body mania and I think there are three kinds of people have that mania. The first kind they are really obsessed, the second they are with a normal body. These two types are seeking to reduce their weight, and the last type they are so thin and they seeking weight gain, and all of them are looking for beauty. About me, I have a normal body and I work to preserve it, its mean an organized body and healthy because that make me live a life free from disease and health crises and make me feel good about my appearance. Beauty is the attribute of good and adornment, which notes the things, which…show more content…
The writer believes that these images are not simply just that, but they are a window into what society deems to be beautiful and what it admires and that concept plays a pivotal role in how much people value their content and, as a result, how they affect people's behavior and self-satisfaction. To support this, she uses a mixture of survey data, such as the polling of women's satisfaction with their bodies in Fiji before and after the introduction of television in the 1990s, and personal examples, like the story of Tenisha Williamson who is an anorexic, young African-American woman. However, she usually relates personal stories to a wider, racial or ethnic group and portrays it as an illustrative example of a larger phenomenon within a cross-section of a society. For example, she explores how Central African cultures valued voluptuous bodies until they were exposed to the wider cultural preferences through the Miss World pageant, which they lost each year for entering what they locally believed to be beautiful. However, when one their light-skinned, skinny women managed to win the competition, their ideas and preferences began to dramatically shift and…show more content…
The simple nature of her essay's structure allows the reader to effortlessly explore her arguments; however, the language of her essay is fairly repetitive. She most likely did this to emphasize her ideas and as an illustration of how these images are constantly repeated to people around the world. She uses description to characterize both the people that she employs in her analogies and the images of models, etc. that they are shown. Furthermore, she utilizes illustration when she provides different case examples to support her argument, from an African-American woman to Eastern Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.
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