Effects Of Society In The Giver

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In The Giver, Lois Lowry portrays a society where there is no suffering, hunger, war, color, music, or love. All these things and issues are nonexistent; there is only little pain and little crime. Nearly every individual is identical to the other, and everything in their life is controlled by the government or as they are referred to in the novel, "the Elder". The Elders are a committee who set up rules that the society must follow since the rules are obligatory and they follow it obediently. Those who break the rules of the society are "released", the old and the sick are also "released", the community believes that it means sent to live elsewhere outside of the community. And if that's the case then it means that they released outside of …show more content…

The first memory he received is that of a sled sledding down a hill in the snow. While Jonas gets to experience a lot of fun things like holidays and Christmas, he also had to deal with bad memories, such as sunburn, loss, death, and war.

Jonas receives past memories, good and bad. When the society went to identicalness, painless, warless, and mostly a dispassionate state of calm and conformity, it gave up all memories of pain, war, passion, but the memories could not completely disappear. Someone must keep them so that society can avoid committing past mistakes, although no one but the receiver can endure the pain of keeping them.

Rosemary was the earlier Receiver predecessor to Jonas, The Giver loved her because she would take the memories gained to her from him and then continue to live her everyday normally. Until one day, she was given her first memory pain and couldn’t handle or tolerate it, she felt it was too much for her and asked for herself to be released. People were in total chaos and discord because they didn’t know what led Rosemary to want such a thing, they have no idea what are the memories she experienced during the

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