Effects Of The Atomic Bomb On Hiroshima Japan

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Sawyere Lamontagne December 2nd, 2015 Prof. Richmond Engwr 300 Girls of Atomic City August 6th, 1945 a bomb was dropped on Hiroshima Japan, forever changing the game of war and the lives of all two and a third billion(Alpha Wolfram). The atomic bomb was a new invention in like the world has never seen. This bomb nicknamed Little Boy alone killed or injured over a hundred and fifty thousand people. This followed by another bomb, Fat Man, being dropped on nagasaki, killed or injured another 75,000. These rates are just within months of the bomb being dropped, not accounting the deaths that followed from the damage caused by radiation, starvation and other after effects of the bomb. Behind this destruction of a country is one man, President Harry Truman, notable the most infamous war time presidents. He has gone down in history as the man who dropped the bomb, and because of that he was and is despised by many. But is he worthy of this hatred, with his contributions to desegregation of the military and the strengthening of the economy(Hamby)? It seems as if even though what he did was necessary for the situation that was at hand, he still is seen as an evil man by some who dislike the dropping of the bomb. Comparatively to other wartime presidents, Truman took the path of what needed to be done, and is seen worse than others, such as George W Bush who went to war under the guise of W.M.Ds which were never found, or Wilson who sent the U.S into the great war, after
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