Effects Of The Black Death

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How did the Black Death change the lives of the people who survived, not only from the amount of fatalities, but also by the disruption of religion and the economy? I believe the effect on Europe during this time were beyond devastating due to the loss of about twenty-five million people. The Black death started in Europe in October 1347. It arrived there by sea when twelve Genoese trading ships came and docked in the Sicilian port of Messina. When people went to greet the sailors on the ships, they were shocked when they discovered the majority of the crew was dead and the living were severely ill. Although the Europeans had heard a rumor of a disease like the Black Death, they were not in any way prepared for what was to come. The Black Death, as we know now, is transmitted through the air or by a bite from an infected flea or a rat. The beginning of the disease was the formation of strange swellings, either on the groin or armpits named plague-boils. These boils, then had blood and pus seep out of them, and it was followed by chills, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, terrible aches and pains, and shortly after, of course was death. This disease was very efficient and it was terrifying because some would go to bed perfectly healthy and could be dead by morning. The Black Death spread through Europe to Iceland and Greenland and reached Russia by 1352, and many regions lost a quarter to a third of their population. Although the cause of the Black Death was spread by bites from

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