Effects Of The Drought On The Agriculture Of The Land

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Over the past four years in California there has been a devastating drought affecting the agriculture of the land. Their exportation of vegetables has drastically been changed due to this lack of precipitation. While, vegetables play a dominant role is California’s agriculture. In 2014, 24 percent of California’s $33 billion in crop sales were commercial vegetables (55 percent of all U.S. vegetable sales). The differentiating factor of farms that distinguishes the effects of the drought is it’s water source used. Some farms can see devastating numbers drop, but others do not have much change because they may use more stable irrigation systems (USDA). There is a demand for more systems to be put into place to bring California’s exports of vegetables back to the high numbers and more affordable prices they once were. Many scientists as well as citizens and the government of California are looking for more ways to relieve the farmers of this drought and look towards more ways to bring water to their dry farms.
For Californian irrigation, farms may rely on either on-farm or off-farm surface water, groundwater, or some combination of them. The farms rely ultimately on irrigation, and much of the irrigated water is supplied by large-scale State and Federal water projects that transport and store water across hundreds of miles. According to the US Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service (ERS), the drought 's impact on food prices depends on its severity, the impact it

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