Effects Of The Industrial Revolution

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The industrial revolution made the United States what it is today. The industrial revolution helped us economically by providing transportation, communication, natural resources, and inventions. The revolution helped use the abundant natural resources to our advantage and to grow to be an economic power.
The industrial revolution in America had many great reasons for its spark. The America’s industrial revolution is called the second revolution because it first happened in Great Britain. The revolution in Britain was a major event that sparked interest for one in America. The population was beginning to grow rapidly in Britain and they could not weave enough clothes to keep up. Because of this problem the textile industry was born and grew rapidly. New inventions started to flow in that improved people’s lifestyle and gave them new opportunities. Soon new energy sources and transportation was found which improved the economic conditions in England and made them a great empire. The American’s saw this with great interest and started one of its own. Another event that helped spark the revolution was the Embargo Act of 1807. The act was by Thomas Jefferson and stated that The United States would not do trade with any other countries especially England and France. This grew a problem because the United States depended on other countries for many of their materials. This act forced the United States to be self-sufficient which was done by its new factories, transportation,

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