Effects Of The Printing Revolution

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Prior to the printing revolution, Europe was arguably on the same playing field technology wise as the rest of the world. Religion guided most people’s lives and before the 15th century, very few peasants and Europe’s challenged it. The could be said for Europe. The Catholic Church dominated Europe. The Catholic Church had its control structure throughout Europe silencing those who would challenge the beliefs of the Catholic church. Along with that the average individuals thought was limited because the common man didn’t have the information to see outside what the church said. In the 15th century, the printing revolution changed Europe forever, making it resemble more modern and individualistic as Europe is today. How did the Printing Revolutionize? The Printing Revolution was a catalyst for the Scientific Revolution, the Enlightenment, the Renaissance and the Reformation by acting as a mechanism for individualism and modernity
Prior to the Printing Revolution, information spread in Europe through people rewriting books and copying the Bible. Johannes Gutenberg, a German, invented the printing press in 1450s. By 1450, there were many more printing presses around the world, Italy had (80), Germany (52), France (43). This small amount of printers would revolutionize Europe going into the next century
The Scientific Revolution began in 1543. “Scientific Revolution refers to historical changes in thought & belief, to changes in social & institutional organization, that

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