Effects Of The Vietnam War On America

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Jacob Tarlo
America in history 3H, Pd. 8
20 January 2015
Effects of the Vietnam War
The Vietnam War is one of the most debatable and controversial wars in U.S. History. To this day people are questioning why we ever entered a war that was over 8,000 miles away. Why would we put our soldiers through such harsh fighting conditions and why would we spend so much money on a war that was not ours? Some people say that U.S. involvement was necessary to help end Communism and important to keep South Vietnam from coming under North Vietnamese control. However, there are many people who oppose that U.S. was involved due to the high number of casualties and financial burden it had on our country. Many people also say that we shouldn’t have participated in this war because Vietnam 's political issues didn’t affect the U.S.. The United States should not have participated in the Vietnam War because of the effects it had on our soldiers, the overall cost to our country and because it was a battle we could not win. The Vietnam war had many effects on the countries who fought in it and the soldiers that fought for their country. One of the reasons the United States should not have participated in Vietnam is because of the horrible effects it had on our soldiers. Many soldiers that fought in the war came home with injuries both physical and mental. One discovery doctors made after our soldiers came home was of a mental illness called post traumatic stress syndrome also known as…
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