Effects of Alcohol on Coordination Essay examples

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BIO103 Environmental Biology – Effects of Alcohol on Human Coordination
Alcohol is known to produce many chronic abnormalities that are attributable to parietal lobe dysfunction. The self becomes aware of the body being a distant object but it feels a strange attachment feeling (Miller et al, 1991). Considerable laboratory research indicates that different levels of alcohol consumption contributes to overall behavioural and cognitive functions and therefore the reason for carrying out this study is to test the effects of alcohol on human coordination. According to Allum et al (1998) Alcohol effects information received by brain receptors causing the working ones to compensate for the defective information processed by
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Although this is the case, the investigation was poorly set out. Only one standard alcoholic drink was consumed which, as shown in the data, isn’t enough to lose coordination unless the subject had extremely low tolerance to alcohol. Subjects were not discriminated by age gender and body weight which would have shown different results if these points were discriminated against and would have displayed a stronger correlation between the effects of alcohol on human coordination. The sample was not large enough to show a strong enough correlation between alcohol and coordination in the data therefore making the test inaccurate. Overall it seemed that as the subjects had more practice at the game, the better they became.
In a past investigation carried out by Patel et al (2010), three groups of adults were assessed at 0.00%, 0.06% and 0.10% blood alcohol concentration to assess if alcohol affected body coordination. Subjects were asked to rate their drunkenness on a scale from 1 to 10 for each group. Results had shown that their score had no effect on body movement coordination patterns but those who consumed a higher amount of alcohol experienced a more significant effect on their coordination due to blood alcohol concentration. In this experiment, the groups showed a larger correlation between effects of alcohol on human coordination and therefore more accurate