Effects on Nationalism in America Essay

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H.G. Wells once said, “Our true nationality is mankind.” The effects on nationalism in America are what makes the United States a stronger nation. In the years that brought us to were we are today have proven that we are strong as a whole. Especially in the 1800s, we played a huge deal in developing new ways and inventions better than Galileo himself. The Second Great Awakening, the Industrial Revolution, and the Educational Reform, are all proof that effected nationalism in America. The Second Great Awakening lasted some what of fifty years, from around the 1790s to the 1840s. It also spanned across the whole United States. The revitalization that the Awakening represented manifested itself in many different ways than other communities …show more content…

Hatch, in The Democratization of American Christianity, set out to reevaluate the “social control interpretation” of the Second Great Awakening by exploring its role in shocking the nation’ religious philosophy of the popular preachers and the outstanding numbers of the people who listened to their message. Hatch wrote: “...we have ignored the most dynamic and characteristic elements of Christianity during this time: the displacement from power of the religious people of ideas by those who leaned toward popular culture; the powerful centrifugal forces that drove churches apart and gave new significance to local and grass-roots endeavors; and the stark emotionalism, disorder, extremism, and crudeness that accompanied expressions of the faith fed by the passions of ordinary people.”
The success of the Revolution, created an atmosphere where resistance formed in the religious sphere as well as the secular. The era known as the Industrial Revolution was a periodic of fundamental and phenomenal changes to the agriculture, textile, and social structure in England. The year 1760, was said to be the eve of the Industrial Revolution. The Revolution took place from 1760 to 1850 and in fact, occurred gradually. Advances in agricultural techniques demanded for an increased supply of food, raw materials. This also included changes to the increased production, profit, and increase in commerce. Agriculture was a prominent position in the English way of life.

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