Efficacy Of Telemedicine Essay

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In 2010 a study was completed in the state of California in order to evaluate the efficacy of telemedicine to reduce barriers to healthcare in rural populations (Ritter, L., Robinette, T., & Cofano, J., 2010). The assessment was made in 33 counties throughout California and was accomplished through patient satisfaction survey. The ultimate result of the survey was that telemedicine can improve access to care for people in rural settings, along with those who live in situations that make it difficult to access care.
Ritter, Robinette, & Cofano (2010), refer to the California Telehealth and eHealth Center’s definition for telemedicine. This definition is: “the use of telecommunications and information technologies for the provision of healthcare
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(2008), has shown that CCTM is a viable approach to chronic disease management. They included a large volume of patients over a number of years and proved that the program is viable in all kinds of demographic settings from urban, to super rural. This particular review further agrees with other studies relating to customer satisfaction using telemedicine. This seems universal across studies. The area where this particular evaluation differs from the others is the proof that it does reduce consumption of care, and reduces cost of care. This review validates this in a significant manner. The VHA appears to have developed a solid program model for delivering CCTM to its customer base, and the customer base seems to like it. This case report supports the capstone project question by validating the efficacy of case management via telemedicine. As illustrated by the patient enrolled in the CP program there is a desire to participate in her care. However, she is physically unable to do so because of a lack of transportation. CCTM would enable this patient to manage her chronic diseases while being engaged with her primary care team so that her experience of care would improve, while simultaneously reducing her per capita cost of care as she would no longer have to rely on emergency services to provide her
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