Ego Vs Ego

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In modern society, the influences of ego have been increasingly important for people to address because the degree of ego determines people's individual and social development. This essay focuses on the negative influences of high level of ego, which is egotism. It is defined as high level of selfishness. In the meantime, the discussion of ego and superego is also introduced. Ego is defined as the true self of personality that makes people look for pleasure and selfish goals while superego refers to the part which makes people seek for morality and consciousness. Superego is formed in early life by parental education and can help people by stopping egotism. Egotism influences people's aggressive behaviors, restrict people's well-rounded …show more content…

The result of this is that they cannot judge or think about this world from an objective point of view. Egotism can blind people and prevent people in different ways, such as personal development. An online article on the website of GoodNewsNetwork confirmed why egotism can blind people: “the ego-mind isn’t contributing to humanity and isn’t able to look at the world as a whole. It’s only able to look at a fragmented piece of the whole that it identifies as ‘Me’” (GoodNewsNetwork 9). So, egotism must be removed or we will not really be able to reflect on ourselves nor think about other things properly. Holiday explained the urgency of removing ego: “Ego is the enemy of what you want and of what you have. It repulses advantages and opportunities. It’s a magnet for enemies and errors” (Holiday 150). If a person only let the egotism lead himself, he will only take care of himself regardless of other people's feelings because he will only react to his own emotions and principles for pleasure. This leads to the third harmful influence of social disconnection. “Human's personality is divided into ego and super ego” (Simply Psychology 5). If a person just let the ego rule himself, he will only take care of himself regardless of thinking about other people's feelings. This can break down his

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