Eight Typical Treatments For Binge Eating Disorder Essay

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Since no single treatment alone has been proven effective, most treatment approaches involve a combination of treatments to address medical issues, psychological issues, and nutrition. Some treatments target specific groups such as women, men, children, and college students. This article gives an overview of 8 typical treatments for binge eating disorder.

1. Individual, Group, and/or Family Psychotherapy: Three Types Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) focuses on addressing a person's current thoughts and behaviors about himself. Either in group or individual settings, therapists help people learn to identify distorted or negative thinking about eating and self-image. They learn to recognize and change faulty beliefs, to relate better to …show more content…

Comprehensive social, emotional, and psychological screening helps target related disorders and provide important direction in tailoring a treatment plan. Clients may be asked questions about eating patterns, thoughts, and behaviors.

3. Nutritional Counseling Dieting focuses too much on the scale and the food. Pressures from counting calories, food diaries, reading labels, too low calorie plans, and avoiding certain foods using willpower can aggravate symptoms and quickly trigger binge eating. Behavioral weight-loss programs directly target obesity, which typically results from binge eating disorder. These medically supervised programs use components of cognitive behavioral therapy. They make sure your nutritional needs are met while also helping you learn to recognize and change faulty beliefs about yourself and food and to cope better with triggers. Short in duration, they are fairly inexpensive. Nutrition evaluations with a dietician help you to create an individualized, safe food plan. It helps dispel some of the myths in the mixed messages we get from the media and society about dieting, body image, and fast food. This can be useful when paired with self-help treatments and a behavioral weight loss program is unavailable.

4. Medications Some types of medications may help reduce symptoms of binge eating disorder, but are not designed

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