Elder Abuse Research Paper

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Elder Abuse: The Vicious Result of Family Stress According to Roberto (2016), approximately 4.3 million older adults suffer from at least one form of elder abuse each year. Elder abuse and neglect, “includes any knowing, intentional, or negligent act by a caregiver or other person that harms or causes risk of harm to a vulnerable adult” (Moore & Browne, 2016, p. 1). This horrible crime continues to be prevalent in the world, and occurs not only in assisted living facilities such as nursing homes, but even occurs within the elders’ own home. Often times when people begin to get old and sick and can no longer take care of themselves, their family members offer to take care of them. However, this can eventually become a huge burden to the family,…show more content…
There are many different forms of elder abuse. In her study, Roberto (2016), points out that there are five major types of abuse that elders can experience, including: physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological and emotional abuse, financial abuse, and neglect and abandonment. Lachs and Pillemer (2015) support Roberto’s outline, but go into further detail by explaining the manifestations and assessments used to detect elder abuse. If a patient has abrasions, bruises, burns, fractures, and is experiencing depression or delirium, physical or sexual abuse is most likely present (Lachs & Pillemer, 2015). Signs of verbal abuse include intimidation, isolation, and anxiety, while financial abuse can be detected by the patients’ inability to pay for medicine or food, and unexplained worsening of once controlled medical problems (Lachs & Pillemer, 2015). In their study, Lachs and Pillemer (2015) also explain that neglect can be detected by signs of malnutrition, poor hygiene, dehydration, and bedsores. In another study focused on the mistreatment of elders in Ethiopia, Chane and Adamek (2015) conducted detailed, face-to-face…show more content…
One of the very first steps that should be taken is for an agreed-upon definition of elder maltreatment to be put into place. This definition should include specifics on the different forms of abuse, clarify different severities of abuse, as well as common signs of abuse. Because a common form of maltreatment is financial exploitation, a policy should also be set in place that says nobody, including family members and friends, can have access to the patient’s financial accounts unless the patient gives explicit permission at a time when he or she is in sound mind, which should be confirmed by a doctor. Otherwise, all assets should remain frozen until the patient recovers or passes away, which would then leave the issue in the hands of the patient’s lawyer. In order to prevent any physical, verbal, psychological, or sexual abuse a new policy should be set in place to ensure the safety of the elder that requires family members housing an elder to report it to a special agency. The sole purpose of this agency would be to periodically send social workers on announced as well as some unannounced home visits to make sure the family is taking proper care of their elder. The agency would also send a nurse to the house to check the health of the elder in an attempt to relieve some of the stress of the family. This would
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