Eldest: Dragon Rider

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The novel “Eldest” by Christopher Paolini describes the journey of a brave Rider (dragon rider) named Eragon and his dragon, Saphira, Arya (the elf), and Orik (a dwarf clan royal) to Ellesmera,the capital of the elven cities to complete his training as a Rider. Three days after the Battle of Farthen Dur there is still much carnage which remained to be cleaned up. However, near the tunnels of Farthen Dur a small party of men and dwarves were ambushed by a team of Urgal warriors nearly wiping out the whole group. Murtagh and the Twins were thought to be taken hostage then killed, while many others were murdered, including Ajihad. Eragon swore to the dying man that he would keep the Varden from falling into chaos. Soon after this tragic event, …show more content…

During a hunting expedition, Roran stumbled upon a camp containing a small group of soldiers and the two Ra’zac in the woods. Fearing they were after him, he fled into the Spine for his own safety. His instincts held true- the Ra’zac were after him, but by hiding in Spine, Roran only made it worse for everyone else. Only a couple days into his “exile” Quimby- a villager and father- was killed by a group of drunken soldiers but was stolen by the Ra’zac. When the villagers were finally able to retrieve the body, all that remained of him were gnawed clean bones. Upon hearing of this event Roran rode back down into Carvahall to meet with Horst, the town’s Smith, who, he was told, was planning an attack on the camps which had caused them so much grief. He was asked to help and did, and the brawl was a success, but, the citizens knew it would only last for a short time. Soon the warriors would come back with reinforcements, soon, they feared, Carvahall would be taken. In the rush of preparation, Roran asks Katrina to Marry him, without her father’s, Sloan’s, permission (which was a serious offense in Carvahall,serious enough to start a blood feud between her family and his). This was shortly followed by the anticipated battle against the soldiers and the ra’zac. Though another resident of Carvahall was killed, a child this time, the villagers of the small city triumphed over the Empire. To protect the women and children and to prevent them from the fate of being eaten by the Ra’zac, the citizens were forced to go into the thought to be cursed Spine, the mountains everyone feared, including the solders. However, the one who feared the Spine the most was Sloan. To protect Katrina, Roran attempted to send her to the Spine, but Sloan found out and was furious. He only became even more angry when Roran let it slip that he and

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