Electoral College Advantages

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The Electoral College is a method of indirectly selecting the President of the United States. If the people were to make a mistake, it provides for a check on direct election. The elite theory makes sure that the direct election does not select a poor president. If direct election splits, the vote and a poor candidate is elected by popular vote. The founding fathers of our nation were considered to be framers, framers of a nation. They created the Electoral College because they feared that the popular election as the way for electing the nation's highest power at that time of era. They had a weak two party system in early history, which could have allowed the good candidates to divide the vote, which could select a radical candidate or a candidate that most of the popular vote did not prefer. The framers were hoping that the wise electors would make independent judgments. Electors today are supporting their party's candidate even though they are not required to do so, the population can generally be certain that electors will vote for their particular party. There are advantages as well as disadvantages to the Electoral College, depending on how you look at the situation; your views may differ from those of other people.
Long time ago, once the thirteen original colonies declared independence from Great Britain, they were understandably skeptical of establishing a large, central government given their recent experience. In order to get all of the states on board for

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