Electoral Reform Of Canada Through A Mixed Electoral System Essay

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The need for Electoral Reform in Canada Through a Mixed Electoral System
Altering the electoral system would undoubtedly benefit Canada in numerous ways through the use of a mixed electoral system using proportional representation and alternative voting. Over the course of Canada’s history, debate over electoral reform has appeared occasionally, with varying levels of intensity (Courtney 2005:154). Regardless, the amount of times that the topic has been discussed, demonstrates the need for its consideration. The word “change” often promotes a negative connotation, suggesting decreases in quality of government. However, it is important for one to focus on not “changing” the system, but rather improving it. This can be done through different voting methods such as proportional representation or alternative voting. Of course, there are disadvantages that could arise from electoral reform, especially in the case of either suggested systems. However, the vast advantages ultimately outweigh all potential consequences, justifying this action. Conclusively, it is advantageous to undergo electoral reform through a mixed election system of proportional representation and alternative voting, despite arguments opposed to both matters.

To begin, electoral reform is necessary for one major reason. This reason being that the current system Canada operates under is simply not effective. Presently, Canada uses the single-member plurality system, but this form of voting displays several

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