Electoral System For The Country

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are divided into subset of electoral system for the country. Figure 2, is a representation of various types of electoral system family in the top part while the bottom shows the electoral system. For example, United States has a majority/plurality than is a plurality which is also called “First-pass-the-post” while Germany has a proportional representation than is a mixed member system. These are just some of the electoral system examples. This could be interesting to see what is going on with elections if electoral system plays a factor in the outcome of voter turnout.
Figure 2 shows a diagram of the different electoral families and their subset of the electoral families.
Gallagher and Mitchell (2005) explain some countries electoral system itself can be a major political issue. Gallagher and Mitchell wrote, “They (electoral system) are a crucial link in the chain connecting the preferences of citizens to the policy choices made by the government.” (Gallagher and Mitchell: 2005). They are explaining electoral system plays a certain role in the government therefore could have an input on voter turnout. This makes their research an interesting topic to focus on to study further to see if there is a relationship between turnout and electoral system. Depending on the electoral system, may make potential voters to believe their vote is not as important as other’s voter and will restrain them from going to the poll booth (Jackman, 1987). Various electoral system could have lower

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