Electrodes Are Another Way Of Getting Signals From The Brain

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Intraparenchymal Electrodes are another way of getting signals from the brain. This method holds much more promising results than EEG because the receiver is placed directly in the brain of subject, getting many more, clearer signals. This allows more in depth control of 3 dimensional objects such as robotic arms. With enough concentration and practice, a person can even use the arm for basic motor functions such as eating and lifting objects. Intraparenchymal Electrodes have been a huge breakthrough in the study of neuroprosthetics, and further test show that humans actually have the capability to pick up sensitive objects such as cups of water and eggs, though the arms still don’t have the ability to create the sense of touch, making it …show more content…

So to reiterate, while intraparenchymal electrodes are much more fruitful in results than EEG due to less interference between the scanner and the brain, its downfalls are rather prominent as well because of its invasiveness, and the body’s natural reaction to its presence.
The final method of neural recording is electrocorticography or ECoG. This method, compared to the previous two methods could be considered the best option to record neural activity. The reason being that it’s a mixture of both of the other methods in a way. The way this method works is that recorders are placed directly on surface of the brain, in order to get clear signals without interference from the skull and scalp. The difference between ECoG and intraparenchymal electrodes however, is the fact that ECoG does not penetrate the brain, but rather it sits on top of the brain. This avoids the problem of the brain growing around it, and in turn does not affect the signals strength in anyway, allowing a more permanent solution for neuroprosthetics limbs to be practically used. This method trumps the last two methods in speed and practicality. Where EEG is limited to moving cursors on computers at a relatively slow pace, requiring major concentration and practice, when tested ECoG was able to get the same results at a fraction of the time and effort. in addition, while intraparenchymal electrodes are capable of basic motor

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