Electromagnetism Studies the Relationship Between Electricy and Magnetism

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Electromagnetism is the branch of physics that studies the relationship between electricity and magnetism. Electromagnets are magnets that uses an electric current to attract metal. Electromagnets have many parts that make up them and are used in many things.
Electromagnetism has a history that dates back over 200 years. The year 1700 was the first demonstration of an electromagnet, yet scientists didn't know much about electromagnetism (Bellis 1). In 1820, scientists had just started to get deep into electromagnets, Hans Oersted discovered that a conductor carrying an electric current was surrounded by a magnetic field (Bellis 2). Hans Oersted discovered this because his compass reacted to a battery when he connected them using wires. …show more content…

A cyclotron is a device used for scientific research in which subatomic charged particles are accelerated in a constant magnetic field. Magnetic fields supply a powerful research tool without which modern physics could have grown to its present extent. A typical magnet consists of iron, nickel, and steel. All magnets have a north and south pole, the opposite poles are attracted to each other and similar poles repel each other. A magnet is something that attracts metal. There are many types of magnets, there are, ceramic, alnico, neodymium, samarium, and of course, electromagnets (Wilson 2007). The most commonly used magnet. To make a magnet, you just encourage the domains to face the same way (Wilson 2007). To encourage the domains by placing it in a north south direction and strike it with a hammer. Striking it with a hammer make the domains lineup by jarring them sometimes in the same direction (Wilson 2007). If you place it magnetic field then it can also gain a magnetic field of itself. Each domain is a tiny magnet. Each domain has magnetic domains pointing in different directions, canceling each other out (Wilson 2007). Magnets range from weak magnets, to strong magnets that can even lift a car. The strength of a magnet depends on how hard it is to magnetize it (Wilson 2007). Magnets are made by rubbing a permanent magnet along a piece metal for a long time repeatedly. When the same poles touch each other, magnetic lines clash together. To make a magnet

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