Characteristics Of A Magnet

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What is a magnet? Magnet is an object that can create magnetic field by itself. It is usually made from iron. It had a pulling force called magnetism. The pulling force is able to pull at certain things like objects made of iron or steel. It can attract or repel other magnetic objects that are not even magnetized and of course other magnets too. Due to the characteristic of a magnet, it can give a great impact to our world. It has many benefits to the industrial field, the transportation in our modern world, the medical field and also to the household of our daily lives. It can even generate electricity. However, everything comes with a downside, the magnet is not excluded.
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For an example, the MRI which is also called the Magnetic Resonance Imaging. MRI is a technique used in medicine to produce images of tissues inside a body. Physicians use these images to diagnose some injuries, diseases and also disorders. It is very important as a diagnostic tool since it can enable doctors or physicians to identify abnormal tissues without even doing any surgeries. The MRI does not expose patients to radiations. It is unlike the other tests that uses X-rays. Other than that, it can also let doctors and physicians look through bones and organs. MRI is a safe diagnostic tool for almost everyone.
However, without any exceptions, there is also some downsides of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging. The MRI uses a strong and powerful magnet to operate. Therefore, people with metal implants such as the pacemakers or artificial joint could not do the MRI since it would harm them. Moreover, the MRI machines are extremely expensive and it must be placed in special facilities. As a result, they are mostly found in larger medical centers or also in private hospitals. People who are poor and do not have enough money could not do the MRI since it costs a lot to do

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