Electronic Cigarettes Should Be Legal Essay

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Electronic Cigarettes
Electronic cigarettes have become an alternative to regular tobacco cigarettes. There have been many health claims and advantages for using electronic cigarettes promoting their popularity. According to “E-cigarettes: How Safe Are They” that appeared in The Journal of Family Practice, E-cigarettes were introduced to North America and in 2007, and by 2014 four percent of the U.S. population used them. There are currently hundreds of manufacturers, and there are varying degrees of quality in each one. Many people have turned to these devices as an aid to quit smoking regular cigarettes, and others have started using them due to their healthy implications. The issue is that currently there is a lack of regulation or control by the U.S. government on the manufacture of these products. Because these devices’ chemicals affect the body’s own chemistry just as medicines affects it the same way, there must be proper research to ensure proper regulations are drafted for the wellbeing of its use. Without regulation, there is the problem of compromising the safety of the users due to misuse, inconsistent chemical mixtures, or improper storage containers. Perhaps one of the reasons of the popularity of these electronic cigarettes, (e-cigarettes), is the belief that they are safe due to the absence of evidence to prove otherwise. The reason why there is not any evidence showing they are harmful is because they are new to the market. The article “E-cigarettes:

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