Elementary School Ranges From Kindergarten

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3. Cumberland Elementary School ranges from kindergarten to third grade. The principal of Cumberland is Kimberly Bowers. Mrs. Bowers has many years of experience as both a teacher and as a principal. Of the teachers at Cumberland, a majority of them have at least six to ten years of experience teaching. All of the teachers are Caucasian. The school focuses mainly of literature and mathematics. This means that these two subjects are integrated the others frequently. This method can be very beneficial to the students and help them to make connections. There are eight classes for every grade. Cumberland was rated the number one school in Indiana. They were also rated as a four-star school. All of these facts lead me to believe that this is a school with very high standards for their students and teachers. Knowing this as an educator means that I will have to work hard to help the students and the school continue to succeed. Cumberland Elementary is a very diverse school. The current enrolment of the school is 673 students according to Compass. The students range from thirty-one different countries and include seventeen different languages. Only about half of the students are Caucasian and the rest are of different ethnicities. The second largest race in the school is Asian. As a teacher, this diversity means that I will have to make accommodations for students who do not speak English as a first language. This can also give me opportunities to discuss the different cultures in

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