Elementary School Reflection

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People say that Elementary school is primarily for developing social skills and creating habits of productive school practices. I excelled in the second part of that statement, I put everything I had into learning anything and everything my teachers would teach me. However the social aspect of my early childhood was lacking in certain areas. I didn’t know it at the time but I suffered from severe Anxiety and OCD. So while the other kids would go outside to recess I would beg my teacher to let me stay in and clean the pencil led stains from my pencil bin. All of the other kids would come to school with fun outfits that reflected their personalities, while I would wear the same sweatshirt and shoes everyday to avoid any possible complications. I lived with this mindset for several years, but I didn’t see the problem. Middle school is a hard transition for anyone, but when your entire life has revolved around routines a change like this can feel catastrophic. Walking around to different classes all alone several times a day felt like torture. I began counting my steps to find the fastest and most efficient route to all of my classes. If there were people standing in the way of where I needed to go rather than asking them to move I would find an alternative route to take. Then there was the school work, I wasn’t use to having homework from so many different classes all at once. In elementary school I was used to having only one assignment per day, so I would spend hours on

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