Elements Of Planning A Concert In The 18th Century

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Concert Life In the eighteenth century, concerts were becoming a part of American music and the American culture. They existed in many forms. Similar to the present day, concerts were an important component of American life in the eighteenth century. Nonetheless, concerts in the eighteenth century were very different to concerts in the modern world. The differences exist in various elements such as venue-type and setting, performers, purpose, advertising mechanisms, and many other related elements. In eighteenth century America, planning a concert required many of the same elements as planning a concert in the twenty-first century. Regardless of the time period, planning a concert requires having a set date, a site for the artist(s) to perform, performers in place and available, music chosen in advance, and an audience (Crawford 55). In the eighteenth century, concerts were relatively informal, mostly done by immigrants from Europe since they were well acquainted with the works of similar group gatherings, and they simply had to get comfortable with the new elements of the world they lived in (Crawford 55-56). The first communal concert in Colonial America was in Boston during the year of 1729, and it was not in an actual hall designated specifically for concerts (Crawford 56). However, many “concert” type events did not take place in a traditional concert setting. A good portion of the time, concerts took place in casual, public places such as taverns and inns where

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