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Elements of Design The scene Alice's suicide from the movie The Last of the Mohicans is a vital and intricate scene of the movie that amplifies the artfulness and emotion of the story. In the scene, Alice, a British officer's daughter, jumps to her death off a cliff after her love, a Native American man named Uncas, is killed by Magua. Alice, in a treaty offered by the chief of Magua's tribe is promised in marriage to Magua in order to satisfy the death of Magua's children to re-establish his blood line. Alice's suicide scene from the last of the Mohicans offers a glimpse into how film production lighting, setting, costumes and hair and makeup work in cohesive unity to express the director's vision of the films mise-en-scene …show more content…

The art director is the individual that works the production designer and oversees the visual aspects of the film. Art directors have a large responsibility of giving orders and overseeing the Art department such as the coordinator, and financial workers. The Art director also oversees the construction of props and other items used during the film. Lighting in the Alice's suicide scene brings the pain and sorrow that this scene portrays to life. The scene is shot with a dreary feel because of the overcast of rain clouds that portrays shades of gray. The cliffs also cast shadows that darken the mood and feel of the film. When The gun smoke obscures the light which restricts natural lighting and gives a great artistic feeling to the viewer. The film the last of the Mohicans takes place at Fort William Henry and Fort Edward in Albany New York during 1757. The amazing view of mountains, ridges waterfalls and foliage portrays a flawless setting for the film and is astatically pleasing to the viewer's eyes. The view is so amazing that film makes the viewer fill if they were actually present with the Mohican tribe. The view also draws out emotions that make the film even more enjoyable to watch.
The Native Americans lived in their own settlements with their

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