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Elena Kagan was born on April 28, 1960, in New York City. She the daughter of an elementary school teacher, and a housing attorney; this where her interest for academic and law first developed. As an adolescent Elena Kagan attended Hunter College High School, and then later on attended Princeton University in 1977. While at Princeton she majored in History and graduated summa cum laude in 1981, she then attended Worchester College in Oxford, England where she earned her master’s degree in philosophy in 1983. After graduating form Worchester College in Oxford, England, she attended Harvard Law School where she graduated magna cum laude in 1986. Justice Kagan has accomplished a vast amount of achievements academically, after graduating law school …show more content…

Some of the cases that she has chosen the conservative side for were Voisine v. United States, United States v. Texas, Encino Motorcars, LLC v. Navarro, Rjr Nabisco Inc. v. European Community, Taylor v. United States, Utah v. Strieff, and Universal Health Services, Inc. v. Escobar, Julio, Et Al.
Justice Kagan is the youngest sitting justice, and has no prior judicial experience; she brings a more pragmatic approach to the way she interprets the law. With that being said I feel as if Roe v. Wade (1973) was a current case her deliberation would be on the conservative side. Meaning she rule on behalf of Jane Roe. The facts about Jane Roes case deals with a pregnant mother named Jane Roe who wished to obtain an abortion, she sued on behalf of all women in an effort to prevent the enforcement of Texas statuses criminalizing all abortions except when medically advised for the purpose of saving the life of the mother, which is an invasion of privacy.
With Justice Kagan voting as the majority in the Obergefell v. Hodges case that declared that same-sex marriage was a constitutional right, with her having a liberal ideology, and is a strong supporter of privacy rights. Shows me that she is a very open minded, educated woman, who feels as if women should have the right to choose what happens to their

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