Elephants Can Lend A Helping Trunk Summary

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Not surprisingly, elephants are known for being more emotional and empathetic animals than the rest. According the three articles, “Elephants Can Lend a Helping Trunk”, “Elephants Know When They Need a Helping Trunk in a Cooperative Task”, and “Elephants Console Each Other” elephants understand when they need each other’s assistance. All two authors describe the studies of elephant behavior differently, but with a similar purpose. As portrayed in “Elephants Can Lend a Helping Trunk”, an experiment was to be tested on the animals to study their behavior in certain situations. This article went on to illustrate the procedure and plan on what they were going to do. “To test the elephants’ cooperation skills, a team of scientists modified a classic experiment first administered to chimpanzees in the 1930s, which requires two animals work together to earn a treat” (Morell 30). This indicates the concept and procedure to the experiment. It continues to explain. “The findings …show more content…

It went on to state “During testing and control trials, a third flagged rope was strung down the center of the test area, dividing it into two equally wide lanes (3.5 m); thus, each elephant was released into a single lane and had access only to a single rope end” (Plotnik 36). This here explains that the main idea of this article was instructions how to set up the elephant experiment and execute the procedure. Subsequently, it additionally stated “Success rate per day of delayed release testing in the previously trained (≤ 25 s) and untrained ( 26 ≤ s ≤ 45) delay intervals” (Plotnik 38). Which, explains the outcome of the experiment, data wise. This here presents that the objective of this author’s information and writing, was to show how to set up and do the experiment, and also to display a small part of the data collected from performing

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